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One product - great potential in the future:
embodies the best features of a ready product: fast installation, no sanding, perfect factory finishing of the surface,
as a durable and resistant solid product it outlasts even 10 renovations (sanding and the change of finishing): Wide range of oils, stains and varnishes allows to change the look of our floor UP TO 9 EXCEPTIONAL VERSIONS OF THE SAME FLOOR.

Ecology and durability in one:
a totally natural and ecological product made of a HOMOGENEOUS WOODEN ELEMENT,
no need to use adhesives and other chemicals as there are no intermediate layers,
a perfect acoustic baffle (no unpleasant reverberation typical of layered flooring),
high durability due to a thick layer of oak wood.

A beveled edge: a characteristic notch on edges of the product allows to obtain a perfect look and quality:
flooring of an elegant and harmonious look,
results of natural wood movements due to changing external conditions can be easily camouflaged ,
no obstacles for future styling. The beveled edge allows to sand the flooring and finish it to meet new preferences.

Ecological and economic finish of the surface:
STYLO planks are finished with two layers of high quality natural oil wax.
\ Unique and totally natural finishing material constitutes no barrier between the floor and its user who can enjoy the pleasant look and feel of natural wood.
Easy and fast renovation with no need to sand the surface.

A long-term investment:
economic thickness of an element (16mm) combines durability with an attractive price, the cost of purchase is balanced by long years of pleasant use,
you may change the look and the character of the floor due to the thickness of wear layer bearing a fraction of expenses that would normally be generated for new flooring.