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One product - great potential in the future:
purchased as a ready product it has all its features: fast installation, no sanding, perfect factory finishing of the surface,
as a solid product it outlasts even 10 renovations (sanding and the change of finishing): it allows to change the look of our floor with no need to invest in the purchase of new wood. You can choose from a wide range of oils, stains and varnishes.

Homogeneous solid structure:
made of homogeneous wooden element: a totally natural and ecological,
no need to use adhesives and other chemicals as there are no intermediate layers,
a perfect acoustic baffle,
high durability due to a thick layer of oak wood.

looks more elegant on the floor,
resistant to tiny movements of wood resulting from change of external conditions - does not cause varnish cracks,
small enough to allows a parquet to be sanded in the future to finish in a desired style..

Ecological and environmentally friendly finish of the surface:
floor boards covered with two layers of high quality natural oil wax finish,
allows to feel a genuine character of a natural wood flooring,
total renovation is easy, quick and does not require sanding the wood surface.

Great investment:
reasonable cost in relation to the quality and comfort of use,
ilong-term investment: you may change the look and the character of the floor due to the thickness of wear layer bearing a fraction of expenses that would normally be generated for a new flooring.